Responsible gaming

Betting history

To view the history of all previous bets on events, withdrawal or deposit transactions, as well as the current balance, the client can use the personal account. Then you will need to click on the button “History of Bets”, where you can find out more details. All the necessary information the client can sort by filters to make it easier to find out what you need to know.


Our company understands that gambling can harm both the client himself and his immediate environment, such as family, relatives, and so on. 

Coping with gambling addiction is not easy, sometimes without intervention is unreal. The main task of our company is to support the client, as well as try to provide additional opportunities that will help in the future to solve the problem. For help with gambling addiction, the company advises some organizations, which you can see in the “Calling for help” section. 

For loved ones who are in direct contact with potential gambling addicts and who want to do everything they can to help them, you can visit the website of the organization, which consists of a staff of top professionals. Here they can determine the stage of the client’s addiction, as well as advise on how to eliminate this ailment. 

The article below will be presented a list of questions for the client self-test, which can be used and will help to assess whether you spend a lot of money and time on the game in general. Such questions include the following:

  • Has anyone criticized you for gambling for an extended period?
  • Have you lied to your loved ones about how much money you have spent or lost gambling?
  • Do you have a constant desire to gamble at any unpleasant moments in life, for example, quarrels, or upsets?
  • Do you spend a lot of time a day gambling?
  • Do you miss any important events or work by gambling?
  • Have you borrowed money from relatives, relatives, or friends to gamble?
  • Do you gamble until you lose your entire balance?
  • When you win a large amount of money gambling, do you withdraw it for everyday life?
  • Do you value the money you have in your account balance or do you count it as a source to play for fun?

If the client who answered these questions answered “Yes” to at least 2 questions, then you should be alert and try to get help from a specialized organization, which is available for review under the tab “Calling for help”. When you contact the specialist directly he will be able to understand the severity of the problem and give rational directions for the treatment of this disease. All organizations listed in this tab guarantee strict confidentiality for their clients.

To stay off the list of gambling addicts, you can use five helpful tips for responsible gambling:

  • Play gambling only if the activity is not stressful and is quite enjoyable;
  • Use only a gambling amount that you are perfectly capable of spending and that will not have any financial consequences;
  • Do not go into debt to gamble, so as not to bring big financial problems;
  • Don’t use gambling services as an income, but as entertainment;
  • Set certain spending or time limits for yourself that will reduce the likelihood of losing your entire balance and develop discipline.

Calling for help

If a client needs the help and support of professionals in combating gambling addiction, several organizations are ready to solve this problem. The organizations will be described in more detail in the article below.


This organization is an official agency that deals professionally with people who have a gambling addiction. To consult the staff, you can use two methods – the cell phone number +44 808 8020 133 and the official website, where you can leave an application form and contact information to contact. The official website is

Gambling Therapy

The said organization helps clients by phone or forum, where the participants are actually addicted gamblers from all over the world. Here the client can communicate with other gamblers and discuss all the problems, as well as realize some points for themselves, which in general can help to overcome the addiction. The official website is

Gamblers Anonymous

This organization was created by men and women who have already dealt with gambling addiction and are willing to support others so they can live peaceful and happy life. Usually, such people who have directly encountered such an ailment and have overcome it are quite able to give weighty advice for solving a client’s gambling addiction. The official website is

Be Gamble Aware

This organization has a professional staff, which has helped to solve the problem of gambling addiction among many users around the world. At present, the company is managed and financed by an independent organization Responsible Gambling Trust, which also works under another name GambleAware. The official website is


This organization, as well as others that are presented before, helps to get rid of addiction. In general, the client is consulted, treatment is prescribed or any suppression is given in the form of blocking access to game sites that have a detrimental effect on the life of the addict. The official website is