Privacy Policy

The privacy policy you are currently reading will outline how Mostbet (“We”) will use the data and information you provide to us in the course of using our services to facilitate your relationship with Mostbet. 

Any personal information you communicate to us through our official website will be handled in the way set out in this privacy policy. We have the right to use the personal data you communicate to us, as by submitting such data through our official website, you automatically agree to the use of such data. Otherwise, if you are uncomfortable with this privacy policy, please do not use our website or send us any information to avoid any misunderstandings.

Collection and Use of Information You Provide

The types of information and data that may be collected or processed by us directly relating to you includes:

  1. Information and data provided by filling in forms on the Official Website as well as any other information communicated by you via the Official Website or e-mail;
  2. All communications made through the official website (for example, via live chat, by e-mail, telephone, or other means of communication);
  3. Everything about the payments you make, namely the date of the transaction, its amount, and the type of payment method you have chosen. Exception – credit card data;
  4. Information and data about your visit to the official site, as well as your location data, traffic data, your login details.

All of the above information is used for the following purposes:

  1. To process the bets you have made, all types of payments;
  2. To properly manage and set up your account;
  3. To regulate your inability to deviate from the regulatory framework;
  4. To notify you of new offers, and expansion of our services and to monitor you to prevent fraud and money laundering attempts. 

The newsletter feature is optional and you may opt-out at any time.

Disclosure of Information You Reported

To help investigate fraud and money laundering, we have the right to inform the sports and police authorities that we have contacted about the information and data that you have provided to us.


We act under the law and do everything we can to protect the security of the personal information and data that you have provided to us. All information and data are deleted when it is no longer needed. 

It is impossible to be 100% secure, so your information is at your own risk, but we assure you that we will do everything possible to prevent disclosure to third parties as soon as we receive it.

Changes Regarding this Privacy Policy 

Our privacy policy may change over time, and updates will be posted on our official site. Changes will become official as soon as they are posted on the official site.

Our company policy on anti-money laundering and prevention of international terrorism

Our company does everything possible to counteract money laundering and international terrorism – AML Policy. Besides our company also closely supervises and tries to prevent other illegal actions made on the official site. To comply with the abovementioned our company is obliged to immediately inform the relevant authorities in cases of suspicion that the funds of a user are directly or indirectly connected to money laundering or financing of international terrorism. In the event of such suspicion, we are also obliged to freeze the user’s account until the remaining circumstances are clarified. 

Understand what money laundering means:

  • Attempting to conceal information about the real source, whereabouts, methods of concealment, property, and other rights in rem as a result of activities prohibited by law;
  • The use, possession, and disposition of property obtained by criminal means to conceal the real origin of such things;
  • Cases when as a result of unlawful acts on the territory of another state any property was obtained. 

Our main goal in this direction – is to do everything possible to prevent the penetration of capital obtained by criminal means on the territory of the state. 

For improvement of activity in this direction our company has created and applies internal rules and different programs of special actions. It helps international organizations prevent money laundering and financing of international terrorism. 

Every user who creates an account on our official website has the following obligations:

  • You must strictly follow all laws and regulations concerning money laundering and international terrorism;
  • You confirm that you do not suspect that the funds that you have used, are using, or will be using for funding your account have been obtained by criminal means and that such funds are not related to money laundering;
  • You are obliged to provide us with the requested information we consider important for complying with the applicable anti-money laundering regulations. 

In turn, our company: 

  • Keeps documents relating to the identification of any user and reports on the transactions they make;
  • We pay special attention to monitoring any suspicious transactions made by our users.

In case of suspicion of money laundering or financing of international terrorism, our company reserves the right to refuse such a user to carry out a transaction. In this case, the company has no obligation to notify that the activity of a particular user is suspicious. Also, the company is not obliged to notify such users that information about their activities has been submitted to law enforcement authorities.